Care Partner

You are in the beginning of the diagnoses.. Your partner is still highly functioning and independent. Daily duties are still easy enough with no assistance and you are able to leave them alone without worry.

We are going to help you to navigate through the what if’s, the uncertainty and the “now what’s?” you will be asking yourself. I will guide you into maintaining, if not taking better care of yourself than you have up until now. Making your own self-preservation a priority. Getting the most of your days with your partner as you go through this disorder together. while keeping you supported and healthy.

When your partner has a disease or a disorder it really does become a couples disease.

You are both going to experience a myriad of emotions and depending on the intensity of the progression, you will both experience many physical, mental and spiritual set backs. Even though you won’t have the symptoms like they will, you too will fill the impact in other ways.

Being able to have a better grip on how to prepare your own-self for what is to come will not only help you in the long run of staying sane and highly functioning,  but your relationship will stay strong and healthy too.

Step on the Roller Coaster of being a care partner of someone you love and has the disease.

You get the diagnose… fear sets in, promising each other you are “all in”

to do this together.

You step in the car… together… sitting side by side…

You strap yourself in. Heart is beating a million miles an hour…

Here we go!

Hands in the air, racing down the track. You say “let’s do this!”

and down the hill you go!

“We got this!” Looking to each other for certainty and conviction.

Get out your Care Partners Planner and get ready to start setting up appointments with the doctor’s, specialists, therapist, holistic wellness providers. It’s coming!

You dig into information, scour the internet, read everything you can to find glimpses of what is to come. Overwhelm creeps in… the future can be scary and daunting when you read about the disease and other people’s stories of devastation and sadness.

You go into survival mode. When you go into survival mode, you teach yourself  how to exist without depending on others which often yields hyper-independence and does not leave room for exploring community and support for yourself.

We want to help you stay open and not isolate too soon.

Where is the hope and joy in this affliction?

We promise there is hope and joy to be had in this new version of your life.

You are going to need support as well as your partner in these areas;

Focus on hope and joy.

Have a routine of staying active.

Healthy eating habits and nutritionally supported for both of you.

Staying creative and giving of your gifts and talents.

Setting yourself up to stay connected.

Staying on top of your own care daily.

We will help guide you through all of it!

We have been there and know the power of self-love, community and support.

You are going to need support, someone to call when you get overwhelmed, have questions or just to hear your experiences. Sharing with someone who has been in your shoes can be priceless.

We don’t want you to go in this alone.

We are with you at the top and in the valleys! We are all in!

Joyfully yours,

Angela & Lisa 

If you would like more information on our one on one coaching and group coaching please don’t hesitate to reach out. We need each other more than ever during this transition!

One-on-one Coaching – weekly or bi-monthly sessions

Email or text me any time with questions or comments:)

Angela Morris FNTP, CC